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Pavel is an art photographer who specializes in concert photography where he seeks to capture the raw emotion of musicians. He paints a scene of light within the darkness of his camera.

Pavel came to photography out of protest. As a young man living in the Czech Republic, he was forbidden from touching the family camera. This led to sneaking out and experimenting with his newfound passion for capturing images. He saved money to buy used photography books to learn more about the craft.

He went on to attend a photography school in Ostrava. Surrounded by other photographers and artists, his passion for photography intensified. He went from learning the fundamentals in used books to having professional photographers teach him how to apply those same techniques to capture the image he was aiming for.

After a year in the program, Pavel was called back home to help with the family business, but his passion for photography never died out. He continued to take photos, documenting the life he was living. With or without concepts, Pavel understood that photography has a direct correlation to his mental health. "If I'm seeing things and capturing pictures, I'm doing well."

Live concerts are Pavel's specialty, and he realized that early on. In 2008 he attended Sziget with photo accreditation and was forever changed. Seeing the powerful emotion from artists like Maceo Parker and other bands and capturing the essence of that artist in photos was all Pavel wanted to do.

Ever since Sziget 2008, Pavel has been traveling around the world, always with his camera. He continues to explore concepts in photography, including street & travel, humans, and nature.

Current Location: Florida, USA

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